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With the TYPO3 conference in sight and all TYPO3camps going on Thomas Löffler gives a great insight in the kind of TYPO3 events we have.
The TYPO3 CMS Active Contributors met for the third time in Munich from September 8 - 10. The meeting took place right after the famous TYPO3 Camp Munich. The last ACME took place in Nuremberg in April 2014.
World’s largest TYPO3 Conference T3CON14 from October 8-10 in Berlin
The roadshow of the TYPO3 Agency Meetups continues towards Switzerland.
Most of us are back from holidays re-energised after relaxing on the Spanish beaches, tasting cheese and wine in the heart of France or enjoying the surroundings of your own house or country. Not everyone was holidaying however and quite a lot happened during August with Agency Meetup Days, marketing and buzz around TYPO3 CMS.
The Education Committee organizes a Learning Units sprint in December in Kiel and calls for participation.
Cebab for all - regular meeting of the Board and EAB in Karlsruhe.
The roadshow of the TYPO3 Agency Meetups continues and expands over the German border.
On Octrober 1st 2014, the TYPO3 Marketing Team will meet the TYPO3 Agencies of the Netherlands and Belgium area for another interesting day together.
Several vulnerabilities have been found in the following third-party TYPO3 extensions: cwt_feedit, eu_ldap, flatmgr, jh_opengraphprotocol, ke_dompdf, lumophpinclude, news_pack, sb_akronymmanager, st_address_ma, weeaar_googlesitemap,. wt_directory