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As you might be aware, the marketing team has organized a series of meetups for agencies in 2014. Two sorts of feedback has been collected from attendeees: Feedback on our products, TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 Neos, as well as input on the future role of the TYPO3 Association. The result was a pile of XLS-Files containing all mentions from the cardsorting and voting we did in the full-day-workshops. We have now compiled a summary out of this data which the design team put into document. It is containing the major insights of the meeting series. Although we think there is some statistical relevance to this data, one must not make the mistake to think of it as an exact science. There is room for interpretation. However, trends are clearly shown. We hope you like the Agency Meetup Summary and look forward to your feedback. The 2015 agency meetup series is going to take place in the second half of this year. Dates as well as cities to be announced in the following 6 weeks. Download: TYPO3 Agency Meetups 2014 Summary
The TYPO3 Community announces the version 6.2.10 LTS of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System.
Remember the times when you started with TYPO3? How would you describe it? Eye opening? Amazing? Awesome? Yeah! All of it! However there was and still is great potential to get lost in the TYPO3 jungle and many opportunities to get frustrated - especially if you are brand new to TYPO3.
Dear Members of the TYPO3 Association We have come to the conclusion that the TYPO3 Association needs to change the way it’s supporting the TYPO3 Community. We also feel the urgent need to have an overall strategy for the next three to five years that reduces time- and energy-consuming discussions by providing guidelines and general objectives for the "daily business" of our organization. Since we think the strategy process is something which must be firmly rooted in the membership base, the current Board and the EAB have been continually and intensively discussing the TYPO3 project with all sorts of folks during the past 12 months. As a result of this process we have now formulated five long-term goals. We want to measure all of our actions toward these five goals in the future. Additionally, and more importantly, we have created three future scenarios for the association. And we would like you to vote on them at the General Assembly. All of them can have a crucial impact on what the association could look like in the future. This is why you should attend the GA this year! You can find a brief scenario and application documentation here. We welcome all questions here and will try our best to provide you with appropriate answers. And finally, if you have better ideas and would like to make suggestions, please do so by handing them in (in advance); in this way we can discuss your comments and suggestions at the GA. Find the information about this here. We are all looking forward to the GA. Let's make it big; let's make it the starting point of a renewed TYPO3 Association. On behalf of the EAB and the Board Olivier Dobberkau & Alain Veuve (Strategy Committee)
The TYPO3 community is pleased to announce the latest version of the TYPO3 CMS project which serves as another intermediate step towards the final TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS which will be released in fall 2015.
The TYPO3 Association (T3A) is proud to announce the Dialogue Days. It is a new event and the first time we try this concept. If it turns out to be successful, we will add the Dialogue Days to the list of official events like the Snowboard Tour, the TYPO3 Conference, and the Developer Days.
Certifun… what? Can you imagine a day dedicated to current and upcoming TYPO3 Certified Integrators, packed with work, knowledge and lots of fun? Including a valid Re-Certification The TYPO3 Education Committee is proud to present the first and official “TYPO3 Alumni #CertiFUNcation Day” which will take place on 5th of June, 2015 in one of Europe’s biggest theme parks. Giving YOU the ultimate chance to refresh your knowledge of TYPO3, get the latest information and rumours direct from the heart of the Community, meet and exchange experiences with like-minded people and find new business opportunities. Your Take Aways: Workshop “What’s New in TYPO3” – participation mandatory for Re-Certification*Workshop “TYPO3 Security” – participation mandatory for Re-Certification*Live Certification Prep Workshop – optionalLive Certification – optionalSpecial evening event with dinnerExclusive TYPO3 SwagTheme Park entrance feeExclusive Theme Park Attraction* Re-Certification included – Just by attending the mandatory workshops your certification will be extended for an additional 12 months. If you are Certified Integrators with an old 4.x branch Cert you will even get a new 18 months certification. Target Audience: TYPO3 Certified IntegratorsUpcoming Certified Integrators If you want to make sure to get the latest information about the “TYPO3 Alumni #CertiFUNcation Day” make sure you follow the @TYPO3Education Twitter account and check your inbox regularly for your personal invitation. Feel free to contact us for upcoming sponsor packages and any additional questions. Nicki Uhlbach: nicki.uhlbach@typo3.orgBoris Hinzer: boris.hinzer@typo3.org
TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor, CertiFUNcation, Trainer & Institute Certifications, Agency Certifications, Mentorship Programme, Curriculums & Certification Pre-Flights, Join us!
It has been discovered that TYPO3 CMS 4.5.x is vulnerable to Authentication Bypass.
The TYPO3 Community announces version 4.5.40 LTS of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System.