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For most of you, as for me, the holidays are over. I hope you had a great relaxing time and are ready for the last part of 2015, bringing TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS. The last few weeks were nothing but Impossible with release of TYPO3 CMS 7.4. The first Open Source CMS Garden Unconference is upcoming. There were three agency meetups, one FORM sprint going on and an overview of the coming TYPO3 events.
Prior to the Developer Days 2015 in Nuremberg in July 2015, 25 Active Contributors of the TYPO3 CMS Core met to discuss the current state of development, the next step and the future of TYPO3 CMS development. The meeting style was a mixture between discussions, taking decisions and coding sessions.
The third of the 11 TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days (T3AMDs) planned for 2015 took place on August 19 in Hamburg.
The budgetary process 2016 officially starts on August 15, 2015.
The first two of the 11* TYPO3 Agency Meetup Days (T3AMDs) planned for 2015 took place on August 4 and on August 5 in the Danish and German capitals.
The TYPO3 community is pleased to announce the latest version of TYPO3 CMS. The available version 7.4 serves as another intermediate step towards the next LTS version TYPO3 CMS 7 which will be released in fall 2015.
The TYPO3 steam engine is heated up and full speed ahead after the Developer Days. We have more news than fits in one This Week. An exciting new TYPO3 release on the horizon. Hot TYPO3 Developer Days and the Snowboard Tour comes to Cold Canada. Sublime for TYPO3!
An up-to-date version of the TYPO3 translation server is now online. Contributing to TYPO3 has never been so easy for non-developers. Join us today!
Better transfer of knowledge of CMS
Two weeks ago the member poll regarding the T3A Neos budgets and related remaining funds has ended. These are the results.