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Neos 1.1 beta release, 10th international TYPO3 conference in Berlin, TYPO3camp Venlo, Documentation Sprint, Educational Committee and Community Working Group
The TYPO3 Community announces the versions 6.2.1, 6.1.8, 6.0.13, 4.7.18 and 4.5.33 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System.
From April 10 to April 12, the Documentation Team held its first ever code sprint in Fribourg, Switzerland.
TYPO3 Hosting Specialist strengthens commitment to the Enterprise Content Management System.
After 265 commits, thousands of lines of code changed and 2 code sprints, we release the first beta version of Neos 1.1 today. A total number of 30 contributors, dedicated team members and a supportive community made this release possible.
It has been discovered that the extension "powermail" (powermail) is susceptible to Captcha Bypass
The TYPO3 conference comes back to Berlin to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
ACME, Learn Neos, Neos code sprint more code sprints and a FLOSS podcast
Our community has been around for more than 10 years. Started by Kasper Skårhøj who initiated the TYPO3 projects with a few handful of enthusiastic people it grew to the huge community as we know it today. In 2004 the TYPO3 Association was founded by core members of the TYPO3 community to provide funds for long-term development. Today we are blessed with a family of products and events almost every week.
During the last combined meeting of the TYPO3 Association’s Board and Expert Advisory Board the issue of dropping certification numbers was addressed. The boards also saw a need in foster the educational mandate of the TYPO3 Association. Therefore the decision has been made to install the Education Committee. The mission The Education Committee will create an educational strategy, enabling community members and TYPO3 beginners to access TYPO3 related education easier. We will foster the number of qualified and well trained and certified TYPO3 professionals and achieve a growth of the community and the ecosystem around TYPO3. The work of the Education Committee will support companies in the continuing education of their employees. The first meeting After some preparation work and some one-to-one phone calls the first hangout of the committee took place on April, 3rd with key persons from the TYPO3 education area: Pascal Dürsteler (Lead Certification Team), Stefan Busemann (Representative of the T3A Board), Boris Hinzer (Lead Editorial Team), Naike Beggiato (T3A Executive Secretary), Patrick Lobacher (Author of the What’s New Slides) and Peter Pröll (Committee Lead). The focus of the meeting has been to collect and analyze the weaknesses of the status quo. We already launched a task force for a first initiative which is planned to come into effect pretty soon. We will keep you updated on this. Interested in joining us? We have ambitious objectives already for this year and we are therefore working on a high pace. We’d love to have some more help within the committee itself and the related teams and task forces. If you love to get involved on a regular and reliable base with a great motivated team please get in touch with Peter (peter@typo3.org).