This project for Cisco consisted in a set of two distinct, but integrated customer assessment tools - designed to help Cisco's partners evaluate the success of their business practice against competitors. 
The first tool is the "Customer Success Calculator", which is essentially an online version of one of Cisco's most complex, Excel-based sales spreadsheets - consisting of nearly 900 complex calculations. For this tool, I had to extract all the Excel formula data into a SQL database, build the calculator interface, and populate each of the 900 fields with their respective formulas. Managing this many calculations in Javascript, or on the backend, would have been a nightmare - but thanks to jQuery Calx (an Excel calculation engine), I was able to make my short, 2-week deadline.
The second tool, "Customer Success Index" is a three-page survey which helps Cisco customers measure their success against their peers. Both tools leveraged PHP and MySQL on the backend for storing user data, formulas, and calc data.
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